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Why are we here?

Formed by 2 EMIS web enthusiasts, we wanted to share many of the tools we had developed for use within our own practice.  We could see that every practice was trying to reinvent the wheel, but that in the current environment most practices didn’t have the time or resources to spend optimising EMIS to be most efficient.  As we began to share our tools, we realised that to do it properly we would need registration with appropriate regulatory authorities as well as developing a team who could continue to evolve and grow the tools, embedding new guidelines and best practice.  Hence Primary Care Pathways was born.

What is Primary Care Pathways?

A comprehensive toolset which has taken thousands of hours to develop by GPs and their teams in real life practice.  It is ever evolving and with every update many new tools are added to our subscribers systems.  It encompasses searches, templates, protocols and documents all optimised for your EMIS web system.

We offer different levels of support, depending on your requirements.

  • Core package - Best suited to practices who want the majority of our tools, but don’t require localisation or support with implementation.
  • Enhanced package – Includes support with implementation and tools are localised to your area.
  • Professional package - For CCGs/federations who want their referral forms optimised, bespoke local pathways built to embed priorities and meet targets, aid achievement of medicines management teams and full localisation of all tools.


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No more multiple templates for multimorbidity just OneTemplate http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/251-multiple-conditions-multiple-templates http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/251-multiple-conditions-multiple-templates No more multiple templates for multimorbidity just OneTemplate

Regularly seeing one patient with 5 different conditions?  Fed up with having to use 5 different templates to record the same data about the patient.  Use our OneTemplate which encompassess everything you could need for the patient you are seeing, but only shows that which is relevant.  This will be the only template that any of your clinical team will ever need.  Different views are seen depending on the user:

  • Doctors having minimal of information, but highlighting where patients may be on maximal tolerated or appropriate therapy. shutterstock 131746163 1
  • Nurses and HCAs having more detailed information and complete review information to be  able to fully review any of the chronic diseases

The template is fully dynamic and so only things that are relevant to the patient you have in front of you are displayed.  

Through innovative use of EMIS Web the template informs you which blood monitoring is needed for the patient you are seeing dependant on the drugs they are taking and the conditions they have.  If you have opted for our UTI pathway it will also highlight whether you should be sending an MSU, dipping their urine or simply treating.  In this way, unnecessary usage of pathology services  can be avoided.

The template is structured in such a way that prescribers are able to quickly enter salient information and where maximum appropriate or tolerated therapy has been achieved ensure this is appropriately coded.  For nursing teams a more thorough approach to review is undertaken making sure of full compliance with NICE quality standards for each of the disease areas.

Where there is an opportunity to increase prevalence of conditions through optimal coding this is highlighted to the user with prompts.

There are links to various patient education resources such as inhaler techniques, foot care for diabetics etc.  Where users have opted for our clinical care pathways the template ensures that all data for self management plans is entered and ready to populate the self management plan fully, with minimal additional information being needed

What will this mean for my Practice? 

We will work with you to understand how your Practice manages patients currently and make sure that our template integrates smoothly and cause minimal interruption whilst ensuring that prompts remind users of treatment targets and the need to move towards diagnosis. Through extensive testing we are confident our standard template represents a good balance, but we are able to adapt for individual Practice’s needs.  We will sign a confidentiality agreement with your practice and then install the template and concepts on your system. Quarterly updates will add any new advances or developments to your system. 

Any questions?

Contact our team to discuss: queries@primarycareit.co.uk

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Reduce risk to your patients http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/252-reduce-risk-to-your-patients http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/252-reduce-risk-to-your-patients Reduce risk to your patients

The OneTemplate reduces risk to your patients by

  • highlighting what monitoring is needed for your patient based on their conditions and the medications they are on.
  • warning you where their condition appears to be poorly controlled
  • highlighting where coditions may exist but are not coded
  • ensuring that chronic disease monitoring is done in a systematic way in line with best practice guidelines


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Handy tools for EMIS Web http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/253-handy-tools-for-emis-web http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/253-handy-tools-for-emis-web Handy tools for EMIS Web

Streamline your use of EMIS web using our handy tools.  Too many to list, but include

  • Coding checks
  • QOF alerts to ensure points achieved
  • Automating time consuming processes - MRSA eradication, H Pylori eradication
  • Patient safety alerts
  • Alerts for housebound patients
  • Flu toolkit released annually
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Streamline your surgery with our Clinical Pathways http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/254-streamline-your-surgery-with-our-care-pathways http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/254-streamline-your-surgery-with-our-care-pathways Streamline your surgery with our Clinical Pathways

We are constantly evolving the care pathways available to our subscribers.  Use the menu links at the top of the website to review each of the pathways currently available.  The current pathways available are:

  • Hypertension
  • Asthma
  • CKD
  • Hypothyroidism
  • UTI

Your annual subsciption to Primary Care Pathways includes one of the pathways.  Additional pathways are available for £100 per pathway per year.

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5 year forward view funding http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/256-5-year-forward-view-funding http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/256-5-year-forward-view-funding 5 year forward view funding

There is a great opportunity through a number of Five Year Forward View schemes to gain funding for PrimaryCare IT.  In some areas this has come from GP Resilience Funds,  eConsultation Funds, Innovation Funds, Estates & Technology Transformation Fund or e-Referral Funds.

By using EMIS web we have developed a suite of tools which are peer reviewed and evidence based to enhance care, streamline process, make best use of resources (prescribing, referrals, investigations) and improve data quality.  Our pathways guide the management of long term conditions (hypertension, asthma, CKD etc)  according to best practice guidelines.  Our work streamlines internal practice processes (GIRFT) to ensure ultimate efficiency and engage patients with self care.  The underpinning central tool is our OneTemplate which brings all elements of a patients care into one area, ensuring everything that is needed is highlighted to the clinician.

Our tools cover the following 10 high impact areas:

  • Active signposting
  • New consultation types
  • Develop the team
  • Productive workflows
  • Personal productivity
  • Support self care

If you would like help with a business case or to discuss our tools further please contact us:

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Cyber secure http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/435-cyber-secure http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/435-cyber-secure Cyber secure
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GCloud http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/436-gcloud http://www.primarycarepathways.co.uk/item/436-gcloud GCloud

We are super excited to announce that we have been approved as a supplier on the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud.  This means that CCGs and STPs can purchase our solutions within a clear framework that compliea with procurement rules.  https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/services/831217353634574

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